Pagaya President Sanjiv Das Outlines the Challenges Facing the Banking Industry and Highlights the Potential for AI to Provide Solutions

Banks have long been the bedrock of the global economy, faithfully assisting the flow of capital and fueling entrepreneurial dreams. Yet, the banking sector has faced challenging times in recent years, with increased oversight, the need for continuous adaptation to meet escalating customer expectations, and new competitors shaking up the landscape – all while weathering historic interest rate volatility.   

Pagaya President Sanjiv Das’s conclusion: the banking industry stands on the cusp of a transformative era marked by technological evolution.   

Sanjiv leverages the depth and breadth of over 30 years of experience in financial services and banking in his role at Pagaya and has captured some of his insights in a recent newsletter.

Among his salient observations on the current challenges facing banks:

  • Growth is not merely a goal for banks; it’s an absolute necessity.
  • Banks need to innovate quickly or partner with firms that offer cutting-edge solutions.
  • The digital revolution has set the bar high, and as a result, banking customers demand fast, personalized, and secure services.

In response to these challenges, he has observed the industry embracing technological innovation, particularly artificial intelligence (AI).  

AI has emerged at an unprecedented rate as a powerful tool for fostering innovation, causing Sanjiv to dub 2024 “The Year of AI Integration.”

In the newsletter, he highlights and explores the AI solutions successfully being implemented across the banking sector.

In his estimation, “banking executives must adopt a strategic approach incorporating AI into core business models, enabling seamless, customer-centric, and intelligent banking services.”  To him, “it’s not just an opportunity to seize; it’s an existential necessity.”


Read his newsletter here.