Gal Krubiner, co-Founder and CEO of Pagaya, has been honored with inclusion in Tech12’s TECHLIST, a series of annual lists of the most innovative Israeli leaders in technology, finance and culture.

Gal has been included in the highly coveted “Public and Institutional Market” list. Others on this list include the Founders of Wix, the CEO of the TLV Stock Exchange, the CEO of Discount Capital, President and CEO of Amdocs and more.

Tech12 writes that Pagaya, under Gal’s leadership:

“…has developed an underwriting system for approval and credit rating for lenders, including institutional entities such as insurance companies and pension funds. The company receives institutional money [and invests it in] consumer loans [which are originated by lenders using Pagaya’s AI network] in the American market for uses such as car purchases, retirement payments, and housing expenses.

The sophistication of Pagaya lies in… the company assess[ing] the borrower’s risk level. The company’s research body includes dozens of data scientists, whose algorithm calculates the correct interest rate at which each loan should be granted. All of this should allow the company to [facilitate the ability of Pagaya’s partners to] grant loans even to those whom the normal banking system refused to grant credit but whose algorithmic tool nevertheless assessed their risk as worthwhile.”

Read more about the list and other honorees here.

About Pagaya

Pagaya (NASDAQ: PGY) is a global technology company making life-changing financial products and services available to more people nationwide. By using machine learning, a vast data network and a sophisticated AI-driven approach, Pagaya provides comprehensive consumer credit and residential real estate solutions for its partners, their customers, and investors. Its proprietary API and capital solutions integrate into its network of partners to deliver seamless user experiences and greater access to the mainstream economy. Pagaya has offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Boston.