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A customer, Riley, applies for a loan with one of our partners.

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Riley doesn’t fit traditional lending standards. But our partner can see the bigger picture.

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Existing underwriting systems base decisions on limited information and rigid criteria

Our partner connects with our AI network via API. They analyze tens of thousands of data points. In real time.

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Our solution runs seamlessly in the background of your existing approval flow.

Riley meets the partner’s criteria. Our partner gains a customer without undue risk. And Riley qualifies for a loan.

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Partners can approve more customers, expanding access to credit.

Our partners can do more.

Our partners can add customers. Strengthen brand affinity. And reach people the mainstream economy often leaves out.

Loans where we can lend a hand.

Personal Loans

Instantly evaluate loans within your existing workflow, so you can find and approve more qualified customers.

Credit Cards

Deliver a solution that can satisfy lending business and compliance departments alike.

Auto Loans

Approve auto loans at the dealership for new or used cars. Enable more sales and more satisfied customers.

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